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    Freeroulettegame.online is a website dedicated to all of you who love the game of Roulette. Although the game has been around since the 1700’s, Roulette is still among the most popular casino games around today. Here, we’ve gathered the best free Roulette tips, along with recommendations of good Roulette casinos and bonuses. You can start playing Roulette straight away by picking a casino in our top list here below, or keep reading in order to learn more about this classic casino game.

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    What is Roulette?roulette-img2

    Roulette is a game of chance, that is available at pretty much every casino, whether land based or online. The game consists of a betting board and a Roulette Wheel, and a ball which is thrown in to the spinning wheel. The Wheel has a set of slots, which are colored either red, black or green. Each slot has a unique number, and the goal of the game is to guess in which slot the ball will end up in after throwing it in.

    Play begins by each player on the table placing their bets. There are several types of bets available to the player. Players can bet on a specific number, a color or other combinations such as a range of numbers on the wheel. A player wins if the ball ends up in one of the slots he or she bet on. The payout is based on the odds of the players bet.

    Online Roulette

    Before the internet, Roulette was perhaps the most popular game in online casinos. For many players, Roulette is the game that defines casino gaming. When online casinos started launching in the beginning of the 2000’s, more and more games started developing, and today the slot machines may have taken over as the main game of online casino gaming, although Roulette remains extremely popular.

    Online Roulette is basically just the same when playing online opposed to playing at a land based casino. The only difference is that the game is animated on the screen, rather than having an actual game in place. To ensure fair play, a Random Number Generator (RNG) is used to decide the outcome of each game, so in actuality the players has the exact same chance at winning online as he would have at a land based casino.

    Roulette Bonuses

    Roulette is a popular game, and there are plenty of good promotions available at UK casinos. Casino bonuses and free spins give you more to play for, and increases your chances of making a profit when you gamble online. Therefore, we advise that you use a casino portal like http://www.whatcasino.net/ to find the best bonuses.

    Live Roulette

    Until recently, the main problem with online Roulette was that the fans thought the online versions of the game lacked the authenticity of a real Roulette game. That is a fair point, watching an animation of a virtual Roulette game is hard to compare the “real thing”. But in recent years, casino game developers have taken online Roulette to the next level with live games.

    In Live Roulette, players are connected to a real land based Roulette game at a land based casino, via a video link. This meas that the players can see the actual game going on, interact with the croupier and get back that authentic feeling of the game. Today, there are hundreds of online casinos that are offering Live Roulette games to their players.

    Free Rouletteroulette-img

    If you are new to the game of Roulette and want to learn more about the game, there’s no better way of doing so than to get right in to the action and start playing. However, it might not be the best idea to put your money on the line straight away, before you’ve even had a chance to learn more about the game and the way it works.

    Therefore, it’s smart to test out Roulette without having to pay for it. If you visit a casino portal, you’ll be able to find a whole bunch of casinos that offer free Roulette to their players. This is pretty much a demo version of the actual game, with the exception that you don’t bet real money in the games. This of course also means that that you don’t actually receive any real money when you win.

    Other types of games

    Roulette is a truly classic game in the casino world. The game has been around for centuries, and it never seems to lose it’s popularity. But there are many other games in the casino world that are well worth checking out. Over the last 6 or 7 years, slot amchines have been on the rise, and has now overtaken Roulette as the most popular casino game. If you’re interested in how these games work, we recommend that you go to http://www.whatcasino.net/slot-machines/, where you can read slot reviews and try games out for free in demo mode.

    Play Responsibly at casinos

    When you play at an online casino, whether it be Roulette or any other game, you should always remember to be responsible. Although this is something that most people st out to do, you’d be surprised how easy it is to “get lost” in the game, and forget about how much money you are actually betting.

    When it comes to casino games, it’s all based on chance, so there really is no way to guarantee that you will win money. Sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose, and this is something you have to account for. It’s a smart thing to set up a Roulette budget before you start playing, and follow it. This way, you know that you won’t end up in a situation where you’ve lost more money than you can actually afford to lose.